What Does It Mean To Be A High-Risk Driver In Virginia

Who Are High-Risk Drivers? Find out how insurance companies categorize drivers.

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a high-risk driver in Virginia

Even if you've had a license suspension, there are practices you can adopt to get rid of the classification.

Being a high-risk driver can mean a lot of things. However, one thing is for certain that if you’ve been dubbed as a high-risk driver you will need high-risk SR-22 and FR-44 insurance in Virginia. Learn more about being a high-risk driver in this post!

If you have auto insurance, your insurer’s level of trust in you may be shown by a variety of classifications. These terms can be extremely perplexing because they may not accurately describe the facts of the situation. To help clear things up, we’ll see how insurance companies classify someone as a high-risk driver in Virginia, and explain what the phrase means.

Who Is A High-Risk Driver in Virginia?

Insurers use the term “high-risk driver” in different ways, therefore it’s not a recognized legal or insurance category. People with a history of being involved in multiple automobile accidents, being convicted of DUI, or accruing a large number of points on their licenses are all examples of high-risk drivers. Other examples of a high-risk driver in Virginia include:

  • Having recently obtained a driver’s license
  • At least  1 car accident in which you were responsible
  • Several traffic violations as a result of excessive speed
  • Involved in an arrest for driving under the influence
  • Having a low credit record.
  • Coverage failures occurred
  • There have been far too many previous claims made
  • Previously had no car insurance coverage at all
  • Own a high-end car, such as Ferrari

What Are Some Other Factors That Affect This Status?

While your driving history is an essential factor in determining your high-risk status, many other factors are also at play. Insurance companies may interpret a lapse in automobile insurance as an indication that you’re willing to undertake greater risks and thus more at danger of being involved in an accident.

Furthermore, if you reside in an area with a significant crime rate, your automobile is more likely to be wrecked and your chances of filing a claim for compensation will increase. Because high-risk drivers in Virginia are more likely to file a claim, finding auto insurance can be more difficult, and premiums might be higher. Sadly, there is no short-term fix to this problem.

The good news is that the high-risk status will not last indefinitely. Your risk will gradually decrease if you adopt healthy behaviors and drive defensively. The length of time insurance providers review your driving history varies per company, but most minor traffic infractions only appear on your record for three to five years.

High risk driving

What Do To If You’re Categorized As A High-Risk Driver? UltraCar Insurance Can Help!

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