Non-Owner Florida FR-44 101: A Complete Guide

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Here is an easy beginner’s guide to non-owner Florida FR-44 insurance.

If you don’t own a car and get a DUI in Florida, you’ll need a non-owner insurance policy to reinstate your license. Non-owner FR-44 insurance is secondary coverage that protects you against claims when driving a borrowed vehicle you don’t own. It allows drivers to reinstate their license without a car after a DUI conviction.

Non-owner FR-44 insurance in Florida is a certificate required to reinstate a driver’s license after a DUI conviction. It’s for people who don’t own a car. So, rather than insuring a vehicle, it covers the policyholder when they occasionally drive a borrowed car.

What Is Non-Owner FR-44 Insurance In Florida?

A non-owner insurance policy has an FR-44 certificate endorsed to it. The policy backs up the proof of financial responsibility certificate. When your insurance provider files the certificate with Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), it proves you have adequate insurance coverage to regain your driving privileges. If you cause an accident while driving a borrowed vehicle,  this policy protects you from claims brought by the other party’s insurance company.

How Does It Work?

Non-owner insurance provides secondary insurance coverage when you drive someone else’s vehicle. If you borrow a friend’s car and get into an accident that injures someone or damages property, a non-owner’s plan protects you from paying claims out-of-pocket. Personal injury protection (PIP) does not apply to non-owner insurance coverage, but you can add uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

Be aware that non-owner insurance coverage has limitations and restrictions. For instance, it does not pay to repair damage to the car you borrowed. Therefore, before driving any vehicle, ensure the owner has insurance to cover the cost of repairing their car.

Don’t forget: A named non-owner policy will not cover any vehicles you borrow to drive. If you buy a car, you must change to an auto insurance policy and file FR-44 insurance as a vehicle owner.

Costs Associated With Non-Owner FR-44 Insurance

Even if you don’t own a car, getting a drunk driving conviction is still a huge hassle and expense. The cost of coverage for FR-44 insurance in Florida is substantially greater than standard insurance due to the gravity of the violation. The Florida FR-44 non-owner insurance policy now requires a minimum liability coverage of 100/300/50. All FR-44 policies must have the following coverage provisions:

  • Personal injury per person of $100,000
  • Injuries per accident of $300,000
  • Coverage for property damage of $50,000

You’ll also have to pay additional fines and charges in addition to paying for at least three years’ worth of Florida DUI insurance. How much FR-44 insurance costs each individual varies depending on several factors.

  1. Your blood alcohol level (BAC) at the moment of your arrest determines the specific DUI fines and penalties that apply to you.
  2. The fines and penalties levied increase with the documented BAC level.
  3. The reinstatement costs typically range from $150 to $500.
  4. The duration of a Florida non-owner FR44 policy is six months. The entire initial six-month premium is payable upfront. After the first six months or upon renewal, some insurance companies may allow you to pay monthly premiums.

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How to Get It

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