Lost Your License? A Florida SR22 Certificate Can Help.

Losing your driver's license is stressful. We’ll help reinstate your driving privileges with a Florida SR22 certificate filing. Call today!

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Attach a Florida SR22 certificate to your auto or non-owner insurance policy, and get back on the road!

A court, a probation officer, or the state may order you file a Florida SR22 certificate to reinstate your license. Whether you own a vehicle or occasionally drive a borrowed car, you’ll need to file a proof of insurance certificate to get back behind the wheel.

Has Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) sent you a letter requiring you to attach a Florida SR22 certificate to your auto insurance policy? If so, you’ll need to work with a high-risk insurance provider to help you reinstate your driving privileges. Living with a suspended license makes life more challenging. Thankfully, there are pathways to get back behind the wheel legally. Keep reading to find out how SR22 insurance can help with license reinstatement, followed by tips from the specialists at UltraCar Insurance.

Why Do Florida Drivers Get License Suspensions?

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Most people understand they can lose their driver’s license for traffic-related violations. But did you know that many Floridians have a suspended license for non-driving reasons, such as:

  • Failure to appear in court
  • Not paying court fines and fees
  • Unpaid child support
  • Not paying accumulated traffic tickets

The causes of driving-related license suspensions are well-known by every driver. They include getting multiple traffic offenses (point suspensions) in a specific time, at-fault accidents, and DUI convictions, among other reasons.

Driving Under Influence

One of the most common reasons people lose their licenses in the Sunshine State is DUI. Since DUI is a severe violation that puts lives at risk, courts may charge the crime as a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the situation.

Drugs and alcohol impair a person’s reflexes, vision, and ability to drive safely. Consequently, the state prosecutes individuals who drive while impaired or under the influence by immediately prohibiting them from operating a vehicle.

In most states, SR22 insurance helps restore driving privileges after a DUI suspension. However, Florida law requires filing an FR44 certificate for substance-related violations.

Call us to proceed with a quick, same-day Florida SR22 certificate filing at low rates – and no filing fees!

Driving Without Valid Insurance

Driving in Florida without proper auto insurance is another mistake many people make – knowingly or not. Auto insurance doesn’t only protect the vehicle you’re driving. It also assists you by paying claims brought by other people involved in an accident in which you’re at fault, limiting your out-of-pocket expenses.

When you commit a violation that leads to a collision, the other driver involved can file a claim with your insurance provider. Your auto insurance will cover the other party’s injuries and property damage costs. Florida mandates all vehicle owners to carry minimum liability insurance coverage. This requirement extends to people who don’t own a vehicle if the state requires them to carry SR22 or FR44 insurance. Therefore, you risk losing your license if you drive your vehicle or a borrowed car without insurance. If the car you drive isn’t yours, learn how non-owners SR22 insurance can help.

Driving without SR22 insurance isn’t worth having your vehicle impounded, paying additional fines, serving jail time, and other penalties.

Multiple Driving Offenses

Many people lose their driver’s licenses by committing too many routine traffic violations, including no-seat belt tickets, speeding tickets, and running through stop signs or traffic signals. The state has the right to suspend your license if you rack up violations that exceed the points allowed on your driving record.

What Happens When You Drive with a Suspended License in Florida?

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The consequences of driving under the influence, driving without insurance, and other traffic violations lead to driver’s license suspensions. But what happens if you continue driving with a suspended or invalid license?

You’ll be in hot water for knowingly violating Florida minimum liability insurance law. In some cases, you might not have the option of getting your driving privileges back even after getting SR22 insurance or paying hefty fines. Instead, you may have to serve jail time, too.

The risks of repeatedly driving without a license or proper insurance are high, and you may have to live with a suspended driver’s license for a long time. The state can revoke your driving privileges indefinitely, too. Keep these things in mind before trying to drive without a license.

Reinstating your license is usually as easy as paying a one-time fee for SR22 insurance with slightly higher premiums. However, you’ll need to maintain the financial responsibility insurance without lapse until the state lifts the requirement. Connect with a reliable auto insurance provider like UltraCar Insurance to help you file a Florida SR22 certificate for license reinstatement.

What’s The Point Of A Florida SR22 Certificate?

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Some people think that SR22 insurance takes the place of auto insurance. Instead, FR44 and SR22 certificates are financial responsibility forms endorsed to an auto or non-owner insurance policy. When properly filed with the FLHSMV, these forms guarantee that you meet the state’s minimum auto liability insurance requirements.

The state wants every driver in Florida to be financially responsible for paying for injuries or property damage they may cause while driving. Your insurance provider will submit a Florida SR22 certificate to the FLHSMV on your behalf to inform them that you have liability insurance coverage. The SR22 filing guarantees that you’ve got current coverage that meets the state’s minimum requirements. If the policy tied to the certificate lapses, the state will suspend your license. The SR22 filing is the final step toward reinstating your license.

If you don’t own a vehicle currently, don’t assume that you don’t need SR22 insurance to reinstate your license. While it may seem strange (since people don’t buy auto insurance if they don’t own a car), you’ll still need Florida No Car SR22 insurance to drive a borrowed car. The good news is that endorsing your high-risk certificate to a non-owner SR22 certificate policy is quite affordable. Once FLHSMV processes your filing, you can get your license reinstated easily.

Tip: Don’t Let Your SR22 Insurance Coverage Lapse

Whether or not your current insurance provider performs Florida SR22 certificate filings, you should look for affordable SR22 insurance options. Partner with a reliable high-risk auto insurance provider and keep up with your premiums. Here’s why:

#1- You Can Lose Your License Again

Since your driver’s license reinstatement relies on SR22 coverage, a lapse in the policy can result in further license suspensions or revocations. You can avoid the issue by asking your insurance agent to inform you when your renewal is due. However, it’s ultimately your responsibility to renew your policy on time. Keeping up with the premiums will also give the impression that you’re a responsible, law-abiding citizen.

#2- The Florida SR22 Certificate Requirement Starts Over

Drivers must maintain SR22 insurance for a specific time, generally three years. If your policy coverage lapses, your SR22 requirement is extended when you reinstate the policy.

#3- Higher Rates

If you let your SR22 coverage lapse, it can lead to a higher insurance rate. Insurance companies consider such drivers high-risk and often charge higher premiums in such situations. But UltraCar Insurance specializes in helping high-risk drivers get affordable SR22 insurance in Florida.

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Whether you need an FR44 or SR22 Insurance Florida filing or a non-owner SR22 or FR44 insurance filing, please consult with our experienced professionals for guidance about high-risk insurance coverage for various vehicles. We partner with the state specialists at Intoxalock® to help drivers in Florida meet their IID requirements cost-effectively.

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