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Get back behind the wheel with Florida high-risk SR22 or FR44 insurance!

The state will suspend your license for accumulating many points on your driving record or getting a drunk driving conviction. Florida license reinstatement can be easy or challenging, depending on the circumstances of your suspension. Regardless, you’ll need Florida SR22/FR44 insurance to get back on the road.

Anyone who has lost their driver’s license knows that getting Florida license reinstatement quickly is a top priority. When you lose driving privileges, it feels overwhelming. You can’t get to work, pick up the kids from school, or run errands. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a bus ticket, call an Uber, or rely on family and friends to get from one place to another. You can get back behind the wheel with a Florida SR22 or FR44 insurance filing.

License reinstatement guidelines are similar from state to state; however, most states have one high-risk insurance certificate, while Florida has two. The reason and severity of the traffic offense that led to your suspension determine which filing you’ll submit to the state. Let’s look at how drivers can reinstate their suspended driver’s licenses in Florida.

Things You Must Do For Florida License Reinstatement

Depending on the reasons you lost your license, there are several actions the state may require you to take for Florida license reinstatement:

Get An Easy Florida SR22/FR44 Insurance Filing

This is where the services of UltraCar Insurance come into play. A Florida SR22 or FR44 insurance filing guarantees your financial responsibility because the certificate you file is tied to an insurance policy. You must keep that policy active for three to five years to avoid another license suspension.

If you lost your license due to a non-DUI traffic violation, you’ll need an SR22 insurance filing. When you have a DUI/DWI conviction, Florida license reinstatement requires an FR44 insurance certificate filing. We attach the certificate to your auto policy if you own a vehicle to insure. If don’t own a car, we endorse the certificate to a non-owner insurance policy.

Driving on a city street after Florida license reinstatement.

UltraCar Insurance makes Florida license reinstatement easy! We’re a top source for SR22 and FR44 insurance in Florida, offering affordable rates and no filing fees. Contact us or start an online quote today. Whether you own a car or not, we’ll make sure your reinstatement process goes smoothly.