Do I Need an Ignition Interlock Device If I Don’t Own a Car?

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Do you have questions about IID requirements and Virginia FR44 insurance?

The DMV, court, or probation officer may order you to install an IID in your car to reinstate your license after a DUI conviction. Driving without the device isn’t worth additional fines, vehicle impoundment, license revocation, jail time, or other penalties. But how do you comply with the requirement if you don’t own a vehicle?

Most states require drivers with a DUI conviction to install a vehicle breathalyzer, an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), to reinstate their driving privileges after a second DUI or if the BAC (blood alcohol concentration) was higher than the state limit. An IID measures your Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) before you can attempt to start a vehicle’s engine, whether you drive an owned or non-owned car. Some IIDs require you to perform ‘re-tests’ while driving.

After a DUI conviction, there are many requirements Virginia drivers must meet for license reinstatement, and it can feel overwhelming. UltraCar Insurance is here to help you figure out the safest, quickest, and least expensive way to get back on the road. Here’s what you need to know about IID requirements if you’re not the legal owner of the vehicle you drive.

Fulfilling An IID Requirement When You Don’t Own A Vehicle

After a DUI conviction, you want to reinstate your driving privileges. The state informs you that you cannot drive a vehicle without an IID installed in your car. But what if you don’t own a car? If you plan to drive a borrowed car, you’ll have to determine if the owner will let you install an IID in their vehicle.

Installing an IID in a Non-Owned Vehicle

If you plan to install an IID in a borrowed vehicle, you’ll need the registered owner’s legal, written permission. The car owner may even need to accompany you to the installation appointment. Feel free to speak to our experts about state regulations regarding vehicle owner permission.

Will I Need IID Installation To Drive A Company Vehicle?

Some states have an IID exemption for work vehicles, but most revoke this exemption after serious violations or multiple DUI convictions. In that case, it means you won’t be able to drive a company vehicle as long as the IID requirement is in place.  Talk to our specialists to determine the correct procedure in Virginia.

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Can You Get Around the IID Requirement?

Proving that you don’t intend to drive a vehicle can be challenging. A few states allow you to apply for a waiver of an IID requirement, but you’ll need to prove you don’t own a vehicle or have reasonable access to one. Moreover, you will not be able to drive someone else’s car or buy one in the future without installing an interlock device.

What if you take a chance and drive a borrowed vehicle without an IID? Since the state records an IID requirement in a driver’s DMV record, being pulled over by an officer will land you in hot water. So we advise against that.

Some people try bypassing the interlock device, but it’s not easy and not recommended. Numerous IID hacks are available on the internet. In most cases, none of the hacks work and will likely get you into much more trouble.

Consequences of Driving Without a Required Ignition Interlock Device

The risk of driving without a required ignition interlock device isn’t worth the consequences. If caught, you can incur additional fines, penalties, and even vehicle impoundment. It can also lead to time added to your IID requirement, license revocation, or even jail time.

Getting Back on the Beautiful Roads of Virginia After a DUI

In addition to getting an IID installed, you’ll need a Virginia non-owner FR44 insurance policy and FR44 certificate filing to reinstate your license. Substance-related convictions put drivers in the high-risk category, leading to higher premiums.

The UltraCar Insurance experts can help you find options that best serve your needs and save money in the long run. Besides high-risk auto insurance, we can also help you connect with state specialists at Intoxalock to help you get a discount on IID installation in Virginia.

Contact our licensed agents to discuss your questions about IID devices and FR44 and SR22 insurance in Virginia. Get a quick start with a free online quote!

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