What’s The Difference Between FR-44 and FR-46 Forms?

When reinstating your license, knowing the difference between Florida FR-44 and FR-46 filings is useful. Call for an FR-44 quote today!

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Get a low FR-44 insurance rate to reinstate your license after a DUI.

You may know what FR-44 insurance is. However, high-risk drivers should also know the difference between FR-44 and FR-46 filings and the role of each in license reinstatement.

This blog post explains the difference between FR-44 and FR-46 forms. Do you have a suspended driver’s license after a DUI conviction in Florida? You’ll need a Florida FR-44 certificate to get it back. But have you heard of an FR-46 certificate? Is it a different kind of Florida FR-44 insurance? No, it isn’t. Read further to learn the purpose of each of these high-risk certificates.

What is FR-44 in Florida?

FR-44 is an insurance certificate the state of Florida requires for license reinstatement after a drug or alcohol-related motor vehicle conviction. The state considers this certificate a guarantee that the driver has higher liability insurance coverage than the state’s minimum requirements.

Drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or other serious traffic offenses must endorse the FR-44 form to an auto insurance policy and file it with Florida HSMV. In most cases, these drivers must maintain the higher liability insurance coverage requirements for three years from the date of the offense.

How is FR-46 in Florida Different?

Remember, you’re supposed to maintain your FR-44 insurance for three years. But what happens if you cancel or let your insurance coverage lapse within the required time frame? The insurance company must submit an FR-46 form to the state in that case. An FR-46 filing notifies the state that you are no longer carrying insurance, which results in another license suspension. So, the FR-44 form allows you to reinstate your license, and the FR-46 document suspends or revokes your driving privileges.

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How to Get an FR44 Insurance Certificate In Florida

When you’re eligible to reinstate your license, you must find an experienced high-risk insurance provider to file your Florida FR44 certificate. Your insurance policy must meet the higher liability coverage requirements for an Florida FR-44 insurance certificate. By surveying top high-risk insurance companies, your provider finds the best policy for your needs and budget.

Your insurance provider files the FR-44 certificate, but the insurance company that underwrites your policy files the FR-46 form if necessary.

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