A Guide to Comparing SR22 Insurance Quotes in Florida

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Looking for a low rate and fast filing on SR22 insurance in Florida?

Getting quotes from multiple high-risk auto insurance providers can be confusing. To reinstate your license, you’ll need an owner policy with an SR22 certificate if you own a vehicle or a non-owner SR22 insurance policy if you don’t. Our article explains what to know about comparing SR22 quotes so you can quickly file your SR22 certificate in Florida.

Do you miss driving the roads of Florida after getting a driver’s license suspension? You can get back behind the wheel sooner than you think. Florida requires high-risk drivers with poor driving histories, multiple traffic violations, or accidents to file an SR22 insurance certificate to reinstate their licenses. You will need an FR44 insurance certificate if your suspension is for a DUI/DWI conviction.

You can think of SR22 certificates as a type of financial responsibility. The SR stands for Safety Responsibility, so these certificates verify that the driver has adequate auto insurance. High-risk drivers guarantee sufficient coverage to pay for injuries or property damage if they cause an accident.

On average, high-risk drivers with negative marks on their insurance and driving records must maintain SR22 certificates for at least three years. That time may vary according to factors like the severity of the offense, the driver’s history, and more. In many cases, SR-22 insurance will raise your insurance rate during this time.

No one likes to pay extra for SR22 insurance, but it’s temporary. The sooner you compare quotes and file your certificate, the quicker you can get back on the road and start paying standard-rate insurance premiums again.

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Adding An SR22 Certificate to Your Insurance Policy

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of the purpose and benefits of SR22 certificates, the next step is obtaining one.

First, contact your current auto insurance provider to find out whether they can attach an SR22 certificate to your auto policy and file it with the state. If they can, and you stay with your current provider, there may be a small filing fee, and the insurance company will inform you when the SR22 filing is complete. NOTE: Even if your current insurance provider offers SR22 insurance, comparing quotes from other high-risk auto insurance providers is still a good idea.

What Should You Do if Your Current Auto Insurance Provider Refuses Coverage?

If your current insurance provider doesn’t offer SR22 certificate filings or cancels your coverage, start gathering and comparing SR22 insurance quotes from other high-risk providers.

Working with insurance brokers is usually the best option if you’re looking for more choices. You can call individual auto insurance providers directly. But if you contact a broker agency, you’ll be able to get multiple quotes from one place. That makes it easier to determine the best coverage for you at the most affordable rate. Insurance brokers can also help drivers who need SR22 non-owner insurance quotes.

If you’re worried about the accuracy of the quotes you get, UltraCar Insurance has your back. Our agents have extensive knowledge of state compliance laws and years of experience providing high-risk insurance and certificate filings. Call our insurance professionals to make the right decision for high-risk auto insurance.

UltraCar Insurance makes things easier for high-risk customers who need FR44 insurance after a DUI conviction. Instead of paying high premiums, you’ll get a low rate, optimal coverage, and reliable certificate filing. We also assist with their ignition interlock requirements at a discounted installation price through our partnership with Intoxalock, an authorized IID installation company in Florida.

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Do SR22 Certificates Increase Auto Insurance Costs?

The cost of filing an SR22 certificate is minimal, and it’s typically a one-time fee. However, expect your insurance policy premiums to increase while you maintain your SR22 or FR44 filing. Auto insurance carriers often increase premiums for high-risk drivers since they present a greater risk of repeating the violations that require them to submit an SR22 filing.

It’s common for FR44 insurance rates to increase by over 70%, with the premium payable six months in advance. SR22 rates stay the same or increase slightly, but some insurance providers require the premium to be paid upfront. In contrast, others offer quarterly and monthly installment options. Make sure you ask about these requirements when comparing insurance quotes in Florida.

If insurance providers can’t offer you reasonable premiums, UltraCar Insurance can help you with tailored plans. Here are a few things that you can do to keep costs low.

#1- Consider Full Payment Discounts

Sometimes insurance providers offer significant savings for those willing to pay in full, so people who can do that should ask for it. Paying in full could mean a six-month or annual policy payment at once, depending on the insurance provider. Setting your auto insurance policy to autopay may also allow you to claim a discount – and it’s a great way to prevent a coverage lapse.

#2- Avoid A Coverage Lapse

Your SR22 certificate will expire at some point. Ask your provider to inform you on time, and you can renew promptly. The golden rule of auto insurance and financial responsibility certificates is never letting the coverage lapse.

You can risk steep penalties for driving with an expired SR22 insurance policy. Moreover, not renewing on time can further hurt your chances of securing a well-priced insurance policy. Insurance providers see lapses as a warning sign. For them, being irresponsible in paying premiums translates to reckless driving.

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#3- Maintain a Clean Driving Record

One way to lower your perceived risk, and consequently, your premiums, is to remedy the negative remarks and violations mentioned on your driving record. It often leads to a drop in premiums, with some insurance providers offering further discounts down the road. Insurance agents can help you determine any rewards/discounts you qualify for by paying on time or driving safely.

#4- Consider Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

Non-owner auto insurance, with or without an SR22 rider, is much less expensive than standard or SR22 auto insurance. You’ll save a lot on your insurance premiums if you can get by occasionally borrowing a friend’s or relative’s vehicle if necessary.

Get Affordable SR22 Insurance Quotes in Florida

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Working with the right insurance agency is the key to saving money on your auto insurance. You won’t need to call several insurance providers if you start with one – UltraCar Insurance. As a licensed insurance broker, we’ll find you the best rate among several companies to provide the coverage you need at the lowest rate possible.

High-risk drivers can get affordable rates from UltraCar Insurance, a top SR-22 FR-44 insurance provider in Florida. , for an FR44 insurance certificate Florida, and non-owner insurance policies in Florida. The filing processes, fees, and penalties for SR22 certificates and Florida FR-44 insurance certificates vary from state to state. Let our experienced agents help you find the best SR22 insurance quote.

Whether you need Florida SR22 auto insurance quotes or non owner SR22 insurance Florida quotes, contact our qualified agents or start an easy online quote now.