Things To Consider When Buying SR22 Insurance

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Make an informed decision about SR22 insurance in Virginia.

High-risk auto insurance and proof of insurance certificates can sometimes be complicated to navigate with no prior experience. A reliable auto insurance company must have certain qualities to help you get back on the road. Learn a few things to consider when filing SR-22 and FR-44 insurance in Virginia for license reinstatement.

What things should you consider when buying SR22 insurance? High-risk insurance providers file SR22 certificates to the state DMV for drivers who want to reinstate their licenses. These filings notify the state that you have secured adequate liability insurance coverage to qualify for license reinstatement. However, not all auto insurance carriers offer SR22 or FR44 filings. So it’s a given that the insurance company you choose should be registered with the state to issue high-risk policies and file SR22 certificates.

#1- The Auto Insurance Company’s Reputation

When you’re buying SR22 insurance, it’s essential to find a company you trust to look out for your interests. Make sure they have a flawless track record of providing quality service. How long has the company been in business? Does the company have any complaints filed with the department of insurance? Are the company and its agents licensed in your state? The insurance company you choose will be responsible for keeping the state updated regarding your filing and compliance status. So it’s essential to consider all aspects of their reputation.

Check their policies regarding insurance renewals and cancellations, and ensure they accurately and reliably notify the state of your insurance status. The state requires you to maintain your SR22 or FR44 certificate for a few years without any lapse to the attached insurance policy.

#2- Ratings and Referrals Matter when Buying SR22 Insurance

In this day and age, most people rely on social media reviews. However, the old-fashioned way of asking your friends and family to recommend a reliable high-risk insurance company is also valuable. It helps to get first-hand reviews of companies, understand their approach to high-risk drivers, and how helpful their customer support staff is.

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#3 The Insurance Provider’s SR22 Rates

Since high-risk drivers often pay a higher price for auto liability insurance,  shop around to get an idea about rates. Comparing the rates of several insurance providers will help you make the right decision.

However, the cost of insurance shouldn’t be your primary consideration when buying SR22 insurance. Making a choice based on “the lowest rate” can become more expensive in the long run. Compare the rates, policies, and services of several companies. Don’t let an insurance provider lure you in with low rates only to get stuck with a substandard insurance policy. Choose a company that’s not only affordable, but also has a strong financial rating and reputation.

#4- The Auto Insurance Company’s Products

Suppose you need to reinstate your license due to a traffic offense and don’t own a vehicle. In that case, you’ll need non-owner SR22 insurance for license reinstatement. UltraCar Insurance offers standard insurance policies for vehicle owners and non-owners, non-owner FR44 insurance, non-owner SR22 insurance plans, and motorcycle and commercial auto insurance policies.

The Right Provider Makes a Difference when Buying SR22 Insurance

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High-risk auto insurance can sometimes be complicated to navigate when you have no prior experience buying SR22 insurance. Let UltraCar Insurance help you get back on the road. We’re a leading SR-22 and FR-44 insurance insurance provider in Virginia, with a range of high-risk auto insurance policies and services for license reinstatement.

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