3 Scenarios Requiring Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

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Looking for affordable Florida SR-22 insurance without a car?

If you don’t own a car and occasionally borrow one from a friend or relative, non-owner car insurance protects you from out-of-pocket payments. And suppose you’re a high-risk driver due to traffic violations in your driving history. In that case, non-owner SR-22 insurance is what you’ll need.

This blog post is for drivers who don’t own a vehicle and describes why they may need to get non-owner SR-22 insurance in Florida.

Suppose you don’t own a car but have to file an SR-22 insurance certificate to reinstate your license. To legally operate a vehicle in Florida, high-risk drivers must file a proof of insurance SR-22 certificate with Florida HSMV. You can get this coverage by obtaining a non-owner auto insurance policy with an SR-22 endorsement.

What happens if you borrow someone’s car and cause an accident resulting in property damage or injury to another party? If you have non-owner insurance, your coverage steps in if the vehicle owner’s insurance doesn’t cover all claims.

On that note, let’s look at 3 scenarios when people need non-owner SR-22 insurance in Florida.

1. You’re A Licensed Driver Who Doesn’t Own A Car

Non-owner insurance (without an SR-22 endorsement) is a wise investment if you don’t own a car but occasionally borrow other people’s vehicles. Why? Because if you cause an accident, you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket expenses if the vehicle owner’s car doesn’t cover 100% of the claims.

Non-owner insurance has limitations and restrictions. Suppose the car you borrow is owned by someone in your household, or you use a specific vehicle regularly. In these cases, the car owner should add you as a covered driver on their insurance policy because non-owner insurance does not cover these situations.

2. You Want to Avoid A Coverage Gap

If you have auto liability insurance on a vehicle and then sell the car, non-owner auto insurance helps you avoid a gap in coverage. Likewise, if you own a car but go without auto insurance for some time, you’ll have a “coverage gap.” Insurance providers view coverage gaps negatively as a sign of increased risk. That risk results in higher insurance rates the next time you shop for coverage.

3. The State Requires You To Get Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance in Florida

Suppose you have a history of driving violations that lead to suspension of your license. In that case, the state will require you to submit proof of liability insurance to reinstate it. High-risk drivers must carry non-owner SR-22 insurance in Florida if they don’t own a vehicle. Sometimes people call it “SR-22 insurance without a car” or “No Car SR-22 insurance”.

Driving a car with non-owner SR-22 insurance in Florida.

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