Colorado Non Owner SR22 Insurance

For drivers who do not own a vehicle, Colorado non owner SR22 insurance is required to reinstate a suspended license and must be carried for a certain time. Non owner SR22 insurance is high risk liability insurance that Colorado state requires a driver to carry for a specified period of time, depending on the circumstances of the driver’s license suspension. All Colorado drivers are required to carry a minimum required liability insurance, and if a driver who is required to carry Colorado non owner SR22 insurance is caught driving without it, they will again face suspension of their license.

Colorado non owner SR22 insurance is not written on a vehicle; it is written to cover the policy holder only. It is liability  coverage that does not include comprehensive or collision coverage, and serves as secondary insurance on any vehicle the SR22 policy holder borrows on occasion.  Colorado non owner SR22 insurance is not valid coverage for rental vehicles, commercial vehicles, vehicles driven frequently or vehicles that are in the insured’s household. Colorado non owner SR22 insurance needs to be maintained for a period of one to three years, and during this time the insurance provider monitors the policy to make sure that it does not lapse, expire or become canceled. If it does, the insurance provider contacts the Colorado DMV through a SR26 filing, notifying the DMV that the driver no longer is insured. As a result the DMV will suspend the driver’s license again. 

A Colorado non owner SR22 insurance policy can be easily switched to an owner-operator policy if the individual purchases a vehicle.  All the policyholder needs to do is give their agent the vehicle information, and the vehicle can be endorsed to the policy.  In most cases the premium will increase once a policy is changed from a non owner to an owner-operator policy.  The amount of increase depends on the type of vehicle, year make and model.

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Colorado Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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