Back on the road with SR22 out-of-state insurance.

What is SR22 out-of-state insurance?

SR22 out-of-state insurance is a means for someone to complete an SR22 requirement in one state if they move to another state. You can also use out-of-state insurance to file an SR22 certificate in a state other than where you reside. SR22 out-of-state insurance is also called a cross-state or secondary SR22 filing.

There are certain situations when you may need to get SR22 out-of-state insurance. Most states have an SR22 insurance program, which allows people to reinstate their suspended driver’s license.

Get cross-state SR22 insurance if you're moving out of state.

Cross-State SR22 Insurance

You may not realize that you can’t discontinue SR22 insurance if you move to another state. You’ll need to get a secondary cross-state SR22 insurance filing when you move until the original requirement expires. Every state honors the SR22 obligation of another, and will not issue a state driver’s license to you if you have an outstanding SR22 filing in another state.

You’ll need cross-state SR22 insurance if you have an active SR22 filing in your current state and relocate to another state. Did you know that

Can you get a cross-state SR22 without a car?

Can you get a cross-state SR22 without a car?

What is a cross-state SR22 without a car? You’ll need this type of SR22 insurance filing if you move to a different state while you have a current non-owner SR22 obligation. It requires getting a non-owner insurance policy in your new state and filing a cross-state SR22 certificate in your previous state. Don’t cancel or let your original SR22 policy lapse, which would complicate getting a license in your new state.

What situations require getting a cross-state SR22 without a car? Consider the following case: Your state requires you to have SR22 insurance for a specific reason (such as driving without insurance).